Headsets on the cheap

Morning all, hope you are well. The boys are leaving me unsupervised again. I snuck out to run some errands one cold day. Here’s what happened.

The first stop of the day was kwiktrip. I ran into a couple of problems, and a couple of God moments. I started at the pump. They have a policy that if you are handicapped, you can call the store and get help. No-one answered. I tried again. Nope. Finally, I pumped as much as I could, but only got a quarter of a tank’s worth. I needed about 12 gallons. There’s nothing I could do if they weren’t answering the phone.

When it was time to go in, someone was parked in the wheelchair handicapped accessible spot. They sat there talking to someone for about 5 minutes. Rather than scream at the top of my lungs, and just waited. Finally, I pulled up in the non-wheelchair accessible handicap spot. I grabbed both of my canes and walked around the car. I was able to hook my chair, roll it to the other side of the car, and pull it towards me to get in.

A normal kwiktrip visit is about 10 minutes, even with fueling. This one, according to my phone’s tracker was 30. I promise, I behaved, but they were obviously short staffed. Next time I will go in the morning. The God moment was that I was able to get my wheelchair from the other side of my car. If I still had the seats in, it would have been impossible.

Next stop was my husband’s bank. 10 minutes, and thank God for the wheelchair. I was able to make a deposit for him, and head on my way. I stopped at a park in town to have my kwiktrip coffee and donuts. Noms…. as brutally cold as it was, I was able to sit and relax and enjoy.

By this time I needed another pack of smokes, but was sick of service stations. I went to walgreens instead. I bought 2 energy drinks, 2 headsets, and my pack of nicotine serenity. The cashier, a sweet fella I’ve known for a long time, helped me and even carded me. I thanked him for doing so.

RANT: Card people purchasing adult products like tobacco, vapes, juices, and alcohol. Yes, those purchases need to be tracked. I’m so sick of watching children get caught into smoking and drinking. Card, track, and cut this bullshit down please. END RANT

That purchase done, it was time to head to the store and pick up my grocery order. Another sweet child understood that my windows don’t roll down, and verified my identity. They loaded the car, and were so kind to me. I am grateful.

Finally, I was on my way home.

Now here’s the problem. I wrenched my shoulder at kwiktrip trying to get the driver’s rear door open for the wheelchair. At every stop, I had to load and unload the chair. By the time I was out of smokes, I was trying not to scream with the pain.

By the time I arrived home, there was no unloading the groceries.

I brought the eggs in. 3.99 a dozen at kwiktrip. Frozen eggs crack, that would not have been good. I left the rest in the car. My husband’s IQ dropped a zillion points between the time I left, and the time I got home.

I had sent him a message warning him that my body was done. Between the cold and wrenching my shoulder, I was starting to lock up. As I write this, I’m facing the bed he is asleep in. He looks so innocent laying there snoring softly.

The man didn’t catch on that there was a problem. I laid down. I could do nothing else at that point. He started bugging me that he was hungry. FFS. Okay, he asked me to order pizza, and use his card. The same card I’d put money on today.

I’m not slamming my head on my keyboard, I’m not slamming my head on the desk. I’m just sitting here….

Finally, I just ordered the pizza, even though the groceries were just outside the door in the car. Even though we have a grocery cart to haul the groceries in. Even though I left the vehicle unlocked…

Eventually, the pizza arrived. I had a slice, and moved on with the day. I unloaded the 5 bags of groceries to the cart. I unloaded the 2 gallons of milk. I shut up the car, and pushed the car up the ramp, closing the garage door manually because we don’t have a garage door opener.

I got the cart to the top of the ramp, and went back to bed.

Here’s the truth. My Beloved couldn’t have helped. He is in pain too. The staff at kwiktrip were very busy and short-shifted. The car door had frozen shut due to melting snow from the roof of the car. The god moment? I had enough strength to get through. Now I’m settled in, having a cuppa tea, and relaxing a little.

Our bellies are full, I didn’t scream. My sweetheart is safe and sleeping. It’s not worth losing my shit over situations that are out of my control. Though, I didn’t do a full month’s worth of groceries. I only did what he asked me to get.

Take care my friends. I’m waiting for the motrin to work. Hugs, -L