Why I wouldn’t watch the Superbowl even if paid to do so

Morning all, hope you are well. The males are sleeping and I am unsupervised again. Whoops!

We don’t have cable TV, and haven’t in many years now. One of the things I don’t miss is American football. I just am not interested. While my family of birth enjoys the sport, I never learned the rules.

I can’t tell what a down means. I don’t know what an end is. I only know the terms through hearing them. It’s actually boring. Watching folks toss a ball back and forth and running around jumping on each other.

I don’t understand the point.

When I took care of Dad, I made sure to know his favorite teams schedule and he would either watch it or listen on the radio. The is the extent of my involvement.

I just don’t care. A good punishment for me would be to force me to sit and watch sports in most forms. Especially if you take away my knitting.

The few sports I am willing to watch? Figure skating or ballroom dancing. Though I need to be especially sleep deprived to do so.

That said, the Superbowl is coming up. I won’t be watching. I will probably be reading a book, stitching, or even napping that day. Actually, I’m sure I will figure out something to do the day of.

For those who watch sports, enjoy the game. Have fun, and take care. Huge hugs, -L