He waited until my 2nd cup of coffee this time

Morning all, the last few days have been really bad brain days for both my Shuggie and I. That white sheet in the yard has been dismally affecting us. I admit, there have been a few tears lately. I’m back to taking vitamin D and sitting under my sun lamp.

I woke this morning, groggy and headed to the necessary. My sweetheart let Young Master Duke out to do the needful, and I just couldn’t brain yet. I set the water in the kitchen to boil as last night I’d forgotten to fill the cold brew jug.

While the water was heating, I set up the french press, and then went to sit in the dungeon. Brain broke is the mood of the day. I have a timer function on my watch, where I know when that kettle is gonna go, so I wasn’t worried. 1 smokey treat later, and a few devices on the charger, I was back in the kitchen.

By this time Billy Joel was crooning in my ears, and while I may have had a pulse, I still wasn’t ready to speak to humanity. Shuggie started nattering. I couldn’t hear him, didn’t want to think yet, and just couldn’t. I was almost at the tears point. I said, “Yeah whatever you want,” just to back him off.

He kept nattering. Finally I said, “I can’t hear you, I can’t think, I haven’t had enough coffee yet to deal with you.” I know, cold and bitchy, but damn. We were 20 minutes into a getting up on 5 hours of sleep morning. By then I had the french press filled, and press, cup and I headed back to the dungeon.

I sat staring at a mind numbing game for a few, read an article or two, and had my first cup of coffee with tiktok. I needed brainless this morning. Okay, I desperately needed brainless activity this morning. Critical thinking skills were not on the top 5 billion.

Finally, about the exact time I opened the app to write a different post, Shuggie snuck into the bedroom side of the dungeon. I put my finger up, as I was listening to “Don’t stop believing.” at that second. I took my headphones off, and looked up.

Something something A&W rootbeer. Something something… chili dog. So, either I’m getting A&W rootbeer floats with really good icecream for breakfast, (none of those things are in the house) or I am having a bowl of chili, crackers, and a chili dog on the side for breakfast.

It’s the little things. I might not quite be coherent, but at least my Shuggie loves me.

Take care my friends, gentle squishy hugs, I’ll bug you again soonest. -L

Footnote: He added elbow macaronit to the chili. FFS!