I don’t wanna and you can’t make me… but you can.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke and I are posting from bed again. He’s by my side in the eternal snuggle position. I’ve added a folding table at the bedside in order to deal with late night needs.

That’s not the change I’m whinging about though. I was encouraged by the app I’ve been using to run the blog for a long time to swap to another app. At first, I ignored it. I was more interested in getting this week’s posts out.

However, I finally made the swap. I use the app on 3 devices. The reason? The picture posts just come from my phone, and if I am having a pain day, phone posting works. I use the small tablet for editing or a quick update. The larger device gets the brunt of the work.

So, it’s change. I know, there’s I’m sure very good reasons for abandoning the old app. I’m sure that there are valid uses for the new one. However, I’m a whinging type. I don’t like change. I liked that blue W icon to greet me every day. I knew where it was, how it worked… And yet, the new icon is just as pretty.

It’s like changing the packaging on my favorite soda. Whining isn’t becomming of a knitterly person. I know.

That said, I suppose I better get back to work. This website doesn’t program itself. Snort.

Take care my friends, huge hugs. I’ll get over my dinosaur self. -L


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