A little fantasy

Morning all, hope you are well. My Sweetheart is watching a show, and Duke is asleep on the bed having a well deserved nappage.

I’ve spent the day listening to Simon Whistler’s youtube extravaganza. He has a feast of channels from true crime to all sorts of things. The only problem I’m running into is “Fact boy” is a bit of an idiot. However, he wears his mantel well.

I have a notebook, or 90. One thing I like to do is play a little game in one of them. A fantasy type thing, where if I had unlimited resources what would I do?

No one has unlimited resources, of course. Everyone is limited by time. We’re all here for a short amount of it. No one is eternal. That said, what would I do if I had unlimited financial resources?

Welp, one area would be medical needfuls. Another is helping my Beloved. Another is getting Duke a girlfriend, and possibly heirs.

I’ve designed houses in this notebook, from tiny houses to great mansion complexes. It’s a fun way to stretch my mind a little. Sometimes, though, it brings tears to my eyes.

It’s the medical part. For my Beloved, who lives with so much more pain than I do on a daily, and for myself. I did a video visit with my Dr on Friday. I had to keep saying, that’s a luxury. That’s a luxury. That’s a luxury.

Things like glasses, dental, even ‘normal’ needs of life… are all luxuries.

So, those ideas sit in my fantasy notebook. Who knows, if I ever slip up and buy that fictional winning lottery ticket… I can get that electric wheelchair and van. My Beloved can get pain relief, and I can see the dentist.

Take care my friends. Huge hugs. -L