Pics from this week.

A new friend.

Swiss cheese brain day-working with memory problems.

Morning all, hope you are well. Have been trying for hours to do something and I’m at the screw it stage of being. So, I’m doing this as a blog post instead of a video.

Method 1: The mini brain… I use a mini bujo for the most need to know crap. It’s a passport sized folio with 3×5 notebooks inside. 1 is for stitch projects. Another is for phone calls with ASC officers and GSR’s. The third is for blood sugars and medical notes. The 4th is titled, did I take my fricking meds today?

Method 2: The Bujo. This bugger is for larger projects, my journal, my 10th step, and other things. I have one for recipes that I love a separate journal for the main bujo, and a third for my diary. The diary is crucial because there’s crap that needs to go in my 10th step but I can only talk about it in journal format.

Method 3: Recipe cards, sticky notes and fml. I buy recipe cards willy nilly for a reason. If my husbeast wants something really specific short term, it goes on a sticky note done by him. Quick notes to him go on a sticky or a recipe card. Then there is the contacts list.

I’m horrible with birthdays, names and sobriety dates. So my expanded contact list goes in there. I also write down important things like… THEY Hate the color orange. If it is someone who I would stitch for.

Then there is the mothership 3 ring binder system. I have a calendar, loose leaf paper, dividers and folders in there. I use this for the volunteer work I do as well as my personal step study.

Now for electronics. I use android devices exclusively. So, I use google tasks, reminders, and calendar to keep me on track.

Now, I’m mostly paper based, because the tangible act of writing helps me get through.

Some day, maybe, I will do that video, but the hubsy is growly tonight. It wouldnt be a good thingamie. Take care my friends. Gentle hugs. -L