Smoking and slurping coffee, during a Dr’s appointment.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is sprawled out somewhere, and my beloved is watching a war movie I think. I just got out of my Friday video dr appointment.

When I was little, a thousand years ago, you could smoke everywhere. I mean everywhere. Schools, clinics, dr offices, hospitals, restaurants to name a few places it was normal to smoke. Heck the walls of meeting places when I first joined recovery were brown from the smokers.

The world changed. For the better I think. However, with the dawn of technology, I’ve learned that I can still smoke ‘everywhere’. Nope, not talking about vaping. Yuck. I’m talking stinky tobacco. I attend online meetings. I can smoke. I do video classes for knitting/crochet and other hobbies. I smoke. Video calls with friends, I smoke.

Today, for the first time, I smoked while waiting for my Dr to join the video chat. My cigarette was still lit when she joined, and she didn’t freak out at me. I greeted her with a cuppa coffee to my lips. Yes, I’m a heathen, warts and all.

Hugs, -L