A hard no

Morning, hope you are well. I’m in the midst of being a kid again. I wanted to post an update on the maybe maybe thing.

A friend of mine and I talked to each other and started to dream about something. There is a building with a large space vacant. We talked about maybe renting it for both her stuff and mine. I could get the dungeon out of the house, and she could use it as a work shop and a rummage sale space.

The problem arrived in my email yesterday. Sheet, the landlord wants 3000 dollars per month. That’s way more than both households earn in a month. There’s being broke, and then there is living like we do.

So, instead, we are postponing it for now. Moving into the garage is moving forward.

Oy, with 3000 per month, we could remodel the house I am in to add a room for the dungeon. Heck, we could buy a newer vehicle. We could afford our medication. We could even move to a better town. Sighs.

Oh well. Take care my friends. Today’s mischief and mayhem is going to be stitching and another bubble bath. -L