No Takesies Backsies

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m having the first cuppa the day. My Beloved has just woken up, Young Master Duke has settled into his personal nest, and I am feeling a little bit better.

I decided before crawling into bed last night to relinquish all adulthood status for 18 hours. So, I posted on social media…

“I have decided to play hooky from adulthood for the next 18 hours. Tag, you are in charge of being an adult. No takesies backsies!!!!!! Na nah na nah ni ner!

Since I am still in that 18 hour window, IE I have 12 hours left, I’m going to have fun with this. I’m going to play with my toys. Fabric, yarn and weird tools today. I’m going to load a project bag in the car, and play.

I plan on grabbing a light lunch, sitting at the lake side, and listening to cartoons while I eat and then while I stitch. It’s a good day.

Now the question, egg rolls or nuggets for lunch? Have a good one folks. Take care, -L


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