I’ve been working in the back ground lately on a little something something. We are still in the maybe stages of the thing.

Real rare maybe stages of the thing.

You know how I have been complaining about the dungeon being in the way of my husband’s sleeping? And how I’ve been dreaming of a bigger place to work and play?

Welp, we are in the maybe stages of getting just that. A friend of mine and are thinking, scheming, planning and dreaming. If what we hope happens, and if it works out…

I’ll have plenty of room for the dungeon. I will also be out of the house for multiple hours of the day playing with yarn, books, and stitchery goodness.

I’m hoping. I know, a cliffhanger post sucks, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Shoot, I almost choked on a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday.

Meanwhile, it’s 12:32 AM as I write this, I haven’t been home in 5 hours, and I want a cup of tea. Which my friend gifted me some serious tea goodness for Christmas.

Naughty person, will have to get revenge on her for that.

Take care, distance hugs and huggage. -L


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