A few of my most recent pics.

Morning all. Am waiting for my coffee to cool to the perfect temp. Thought I would share my camera roll with ya.

Snack reward after speaking at aftercare.
A friend asked me a question about needle threaders.
Snuggle nap time.
I really love this boy.
Our late night visitor.
Grocery run.
Where I go scrounging for books on occasion.
Outside view of my dungeon.
Gotta love back to back snow storms.
At least the critters could get out.
Will the white sheet ever end?
Gotta love when the icicles reach the air-conditioning.
A gift from a friend. I framed it in a hoop. Snort.
Had to hit a dollar store, out of town. There are absolutely no dollar stores in my city.
Stitchery and lunch by the lake.
Whoopsies, I go every once in awhile.
I was a passenger. The night I was sprung from the house after 23 days of being locked inside.
Same night mayhem.
My daughter made this for me!!!!
Pain day, Young Master Duke insisted on snuggle therapy.

Thank You for spending time with me on my adventures. Hugs, gentle ones.