It’s full

Morning all, hope you are well. Have been a little busy again. My Beloved woke up about an hour or two ago. Duke has taken over the bed, and is snurfling again.

I started a research project again. It is time. I’ve been frustrated and angry lately. I cant fix the situation, and nothing I can do will make it better. So, it is time to get lost in a bit of research. My favorite place to do this is outside, under a summer sun.

Since life’s a beach, it’s January. So, I have my desk, my pens, a notebook and my study materials. Since I don’t live in a tropical hideaway with a cabana server to make me coffees and teas, this will have to do.

I’ve got several plates spinning right now, but in this case I don’t mind the rabbit hole of research for a distraction. The goal here is to increase my knowledge. Yes, with my swiss cheesed brain, I’m still studying. I’m still learning, and I’m working on increasing my understanding.

I did look into another rabbit hole today, by the way. What it would take to live in a long term care facility. It’s almost impossible to do. So, I’ll stick with what I’ve been dealt, and get back to the books.

Huge hugs my friends. I will be back again soon. -L


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