It’s not your turn Unc

Morning. Not my usual fare, but need to get this out. It’s a letter to my Uncle Ed.

Dear Unc,

Last couple of weeks have been a real whizzer. First Dad went into the hospital for trying to impersonate a basketball. Now you are doing it with the whole heart problems thing.

Knock it off, Unc. It’s not your turn! You are jumping the line with this, and I won’t have it! You and Dad are the last ones left of your generation, and I will not have you be doing this right at the moment.

Meanwhile, your most stubborn of brothers is finally getting hearing aids. It took him breaking a hip to get it done. However, damn it, he will finally be able to hear us, rather than scream at the top of our lungs.

Unc, you who are the embodiment of Puck, need to get your act straight. Get better. Who else is going to pull the needles out of my knitting? Who else is going to pick on my sinister elder sister? Who else is gonna give me crap about my language?

Unc, damn it, I love you. Get well soon. Hugs, always and forever. -L

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