Morning all, hope all is well. My Beloved is grumbling and bitching in the dining room. Young Master Duke is lounging on the bed. I’ve got a cuppa and a few smokes. It’s a normal day.

Today’s challenges… The garbage bin, and a shower. After all of the work that was done, I’m going to be getting help to get the trash to the curb. Also, I smell like a dirty sock.


Mr. Grumbly butt made supper last night. His current bitch is that I have the speaker running. It’s a soothing classical, because I think Led Zeppelin, Megadeath or Rob Zombie would set him on edge.

Shoot, he’s already on edge. I’m switching the channel. My headset is recharging, and until it is charged, I have to use the speaker.

Now we have Metallica playing. Much better. I figure if I am getting my arse handed to me for making noise, I might as well make some noise. Nothing I can do today is going to please the man I married. He’s in that form of mood. I might as well just be me and get the little joys I can do.

I have some other chores to do yet today. With all of the WIPS I found in the dungeon dive, I want to see what is salvageable, and what I need to abandon. There are a few boxes and such that need to be sorted yet.

I also want to get into the garage asap for the sort and purge out there. Part of the method to my madness is to get the inside purge done first. That way I can know what I’m moving out there. Also I need to prep the sheltered space out there.

I want to have a small area I can sit and stitch. So, will get that mapped out with tape on the floor. That’s the real goal. Get things purged, map out where things go, so that when it is time to work out there, I’m good.

I’m saving up for a fancy garage door opener. Right now, we do it manually. That works, but with the shoulders being whiny, I have to just make do. Having the opener would be a blessing.

There’s also lighting to consider, wheelchair accessibility, and other ideas. It will get done, it’s just going to have to take time. Ironically, I have that in spades.

Take care my friends, gentle hugs. I love you madly. -L