She is home again

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is a sad little mans today. His new friend’s family called and they came and got her. Though to be honest, I’m a bit sad too. She was a VIP visitor, and excellent company.

That said, it’s okay. I hope her people never leave her outside like that again. It was just too freaking cold or anyone to be out and about last night. I’m still a little salty from those adventures. I really over did it, but it was worth it.

Duke has a new leash, from the situation, and I’m going to be taking him on little walks. Very little walks, due to my pain, but a little walking is good for me and for him.

There are chores to do today, and there is a walk to get in. Afterwards, I will get a nice bath and then a nap. Lapsang Souchong tea this morning, I need the extra emotional boost.

Take care my friends, please make sure our furry friends are safe. Hugs -L