Morning all.

Brain is broken. Horribly broken.

Duke has been whining the last hour or so. Then again, so has my Husbeast. Can I put them both out on the chain so I can wake the f up? I mean please?

Okay, I was in a dead sleep. The boys were up and busy. Welp, Young Master Duke was Busy. He’s made a ‘friend’ outside. One with benefits so to speak. He’s whining to go out. My husband is whining that we need to catch the dog and keep her/him it.

I’m fed up with both of their sheet so far this morning, and am hiding in the dungeon with my cuppa coffee. I want the whinging to just stop. FFS….

I’m not awake enough for some stray dog to come visiting today. I really am not.

Ya know what? After this cuppa, I’m going back the heck to bed. Take care my friends. Hopefully my dog continues to lack a intimate life when I get up for the day for real.

Update: spent hours in a sleeping bag, coat and shawls waiting for the pup with food… It was 1 degree F outside. Poor beastie was half frozen.

Welp, we got her inside. She is slowly thawing. Will contact animal control in the daytime. It is 3:30 am now. Sighs. -L