It’s a Rob Zombie kind of day

Morning all, Hope you are well. The fellas are taking care of the Universe for me today. I’m emotionally compromised right now.

The day started out pretty good. I was up until 5 or 6, but was able to sleep finally. I slept until maybe 11 or so. I saw I missed a phone call, and finally got off the horn a few minutes ago.

I don’t deal with emotions well. A safe place for me to deal is in my headset. So, while that sucker is recharging, I have my favorite earbuds in. It was the 3rd phone call of the day that did me in. I’ve had 4 phone calls so far.

First, I reached for metallica. Sadly, they werent strong enough for the crap crawling its merry way through the little grey cells. I needed stronger medicine. I then on the text suggestion of a friend reached for Rob Zombie. That hits the spot.

Yes, I suppose I should talk about letting go, and all the crap. There are times when that just isn’t good enough. So, I turn to music.

My normal base level for music is 70’s-1999 pop or country. If I feel overwhelmed, I head for classical with Bach and Chopin. Yet today, Rob Zombie is cathartic. I may be damaging my ears, but it’s a small price to pay. I’m emotionally compromised. I need the release.

Take care my friends, gentle distance hugs. -L