It’s 1980 something again

Morning all. Splat! I’ve just thrown a snowball at you! Sorry about getting it in your ear. Come play in my snow fort with me. We are at war with my older Brudder unit. He’s just over that a way.

Here’s our ammo. I made the clay balls to go in the middle all summer and let them dry in the sun! Don’t worry, he did too. We had to shovel the front out, and he started at the driveway end. Who cares if the snow tunnel is crooked? Also, once you form the snowball, dip it quickly in this bucket and set it aside to freeze. He is doing the same. This is war!

That was my childhood. I usually put my shoes and socks on on the bus after running through snow barefoot. Especially if we had had a power outage. The front had drifted taller than I was. Brudder and I were to clear the snow so there was a path to the road.

At this time I was probably 10 or so. Life was good.

So, I see the top of his hat. Let’s get him!

Hugs my friends. Take care, yes the snow has me stir crazy. -L


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