I spent a little while cleaning the desk

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke disapproves of the weather and so do I. We are of the opinion that it should be June.

I usually keep the desk in a case of the Oh crap now whats. However those character defects and assets things are battling in my head. That laziness factor is one of those that I really have to kick in the gonads.

So, last night a friend and I cleaned together. She was at her house, I was at mine. We worked on our own places, and talked. My beloved needed to sleep or something, so we had to cut it short. It was cathartic.

The problem? I now have things put where they live. We are not picture ready, but we are getting there. Woke up in a bit of pain, after a 2 hour nap. So, it’s time to grab some Midol and see if it helps.

Meanwhile, there’s still a blizzard warning. It’s still winter. I want to take Elsa out to the back 40 and hogtie the bitch. Maybe it’s a good thing I am sore. I don’t think I could do a proper hog tie right now.

Take care my friends. Spring is coming. Hugs. -L


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