Cellular provider roulette and living

Morning all, hope you are well. My Beloved and I have been working on some things, and I’m needful of a break. Young Master Duke is sleeping on my bed.

I’ve been looking at the products and services we get from our Cellular provider. We are at the Holy Crap stage of life. In trying to reduce our costs, I may have to spend a few on the phone with the billing/customer service gurus. Sighs.

So, I did what any one would do. I looked up comparative products and services for our area. Yep, we are already with the best provider for our needs. I could spend days with spread sheets, price comparisons, and product comparisons. Heck even websites are designed to look at and report these things.

I did some simple mathematics. I looked at what we are paying now, versus what we paid when we had home internet included. It wasn’t that much different. So, I am still going to make the call, and double check to make sure we are saving as much as possible on the services we need and use every month.

Okay, I’m a very spoiled desk princess. I have a couple of devices running, and am listening to music. I know, first world problems eh? My Beloved just popped his head around the corner and asked me to run to the store this morning. Sighs.

I suppose I best get a grocery list made up. I type it in on one device, and sent it over to the next one that I take with me. Alright, we are now on the He is going to pop his head in every five seconds to add to the grocery list phase. I have said, many times that I have to finish this post, but I’m guessing that I better go. He won’t stop adding to the list until I stop, drop everything and do whatever he needs.


I’m remembering the goal I have for this year, to be a better person, and to work on my character assets. Right now, my character defects are telling me to scream at the top of my lungs. But that would accomplish absolutely nothing, and this post won’t get finished.

Hugs my friends, take care. I’ll see you again tomorrow. -L


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