It is time to begin again.

Morning all, my hope is that you are well. I also hope that you are safe and that this year is a blessing for you. Huge hugs and huggage my friends.

This time of year, many folks use resolutions to change their lives. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I have learned enough about myself. Resolutions have never really worked to make myself a better person. Another thing I have noticed, is that the only time I have ever been able to keep a resolution is when I made ones that were so simple that it was a no brainer.

For many years, I made and kept the resolution to stay out of the mental wards. The first year, it was a challenge, but eventually, it became a bit of a joke. Until the year that I couldn’t. In 2010, I lost my NA sponsor Diane G. She was an awesome and amazing woman, I grieved, and lost the will to live.

Eventually, I tried to take my life, and ended up in the mental ward again. That resolution had become a token, and with no meaning.

So, how to have a renewal of life, and celebrate the New Year? I mean, this year is less than 48 hours old. I started last year. This year, I want to focus on the qualities that I want to continue. Not to habits specifically. I mean I will never run another race. I mean to personality aspects that I want to grow.

I want to focus on my Character Assets. That said, I’m focusing on caring for myself and others. I want to show people how much I cherish them, and that they are important to me.

Again, I started this last year. I chose to reach out to a certain list of people every day to let them know how much I love them. That I am thinking about them. It can be something as simple as a text saying squishy hugs, or ZAP!

I’ve reached out to others for the Holiday, and have been adding to my list of folks I reach out to. I do this not to be nice, but because nothing is guaranteed. The last few years have proven that. From painful and horrifying lessons in relationships to losing way too many good people to the pandemic. Nothing is guaranteed.

So, this year, I’m focusing on increasing my good qualities. That is my goal.

Please take care my friends, huge gentle hugs. I will be back tomorrow with another post. I’ll see you again then. -L


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