Begin as you mean to go on.

Morning all, hope you are well. It’s just after midnight on the 1st of January. I have a nice cuppa at my side, and just finished a lovely cookie.

It’s very cold out, so I’m wrapped up in a sweater, and I’m wearing my warmest of outfits. This morning is focused on comfort. My husband is taking care of me, and I’m taking care of him.

Young Master Duke has a lovely celebrattory chew bone, he is gnawing on. Life is okay today.

Yesterday, the last day of the year, I snuck away for a few hours. I bought the cookies, and the bone, and some nice thing for my beloved and myself.

Years ago, I met a podcaster’s voice, her name is Brenda Dayne. Her podcast Cast-On inspired me, and I spent many many hours listening to her voice. She once had an essay saying ‘Begin as you mean to go on.” That’s what we are doing this January.

Take care my friends, hugs, may you be blessed this year. -L