I poked the Bear, and I wasn’t even trying

Morning all, hope you are well. It is about a zillion below zero right now, and Young Master Duke is curled up under 2 blankets on the bed.

I woke at a reasonable hour this morning. I found the coffee maker, and sat at the desk for a few. I was mindful of my husband’s rest, and snuck into the kitchen per his request to smoke.

I lasted 2 hours, 2 cuppas, and a phone call. Then the Polar Bear rose from his den. He snarled, growled, and slammed around a bit. Sighs. I ended my call and gathered my toys to head back to my room to play.

The Bear is still snarling. it’s been half an hour. I’m sitting here, wondering if I breach the Rubicon to grab a cuppa, will the bear stand up and roar at me. Sighs.

I know better than to poke the bear when he is a snarly beast. Of course, he knows better than to bug me in the first hour or two of being awake. It’s a thing we do.

Speaking of poking the bear, I was in a chat and reminded an old buddy that it is not justifiable to throw his bride in a snow bank if she used the last of his favorite creamer. I reminded him that he looks like sheet in orange. I also reminded him that I don’t like him at all when he is single.

Winter is rough on all of us, please be gentle and kind to each other my friends. I better go grab my cuppa, cause I don’t want the bear to drink it all. Take care my friends. Hugs, -L