Morning all, have been doing a bit of excavation around the dungeon again. I’m working on a few things in the background, and playing in my private journal.

Yesterday I spoke with my sponsor instead of going to a meeting. I needed time with her more than the meeting to be blunt. There are topics I never bring up here on the blog. Those same topics I don’t bring up in meetings.

I learned many years ago, that my anonymity was blown. At the time I had a broom and cauldron. Some knot head called the churches, outed me as a witch, and gave my full name and the fact that I was in recovery.

Since then, meetings get the news, sports and weather version of me. It was perfect training for writing for you all. I do give quite a few more in depth looks into my personal life here, but nothing really that I am not willing to have quoted back to me elsewhere.

As for the digging, it’s prep to get ready for my friends to help me move the dungeon to the garage. I have to box certain things up. Over winter, I’m working on the purge of the crap in the garage.

So, kinda like a personal inventory in recovery, I’m taking a look at what I have. I am working on what stays, what goes, and what is worth passing on to others.

That’s about it. I will be doing some recovery posts in the New Year again. Take care. Hugs, -L


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