Santa was really good to Young Master Duke this year.

Hello all, just wanted to let you know how Christmas went for us. Young Master Duke is in bed with a bulging belly. He ‘caught’ my Beloved giving me a hug, and I gave my beloved a kiss on the cheek. Swoon.

For dinner we had a lovely stew that my beloved made. He also baked biscuits, both sweet and savory. Oh my. Okay, Duke isn’t the only one who is a little more full than usual. We also have a turkey going for later.

Under the tree, since Duke doesn’t like toys… He got treatos. His favorite currently are some crunchy sticks. He has enough to get him by until the snow is gone. He second favorite are the alpo little squares snacks. He is a happy boy.

Since he caught ‘Santa’ snuggling Momma, the world didn’t end, but it was okay. We have had a lovely day.

Note: Our daughters had Christmas with their families. Neither of them live close enough to brave the glacial weather to stop by. We Do Not Want Them to Do so. We’d much rather that they were safe, and comfortable.

That said, have a safe and comfortable season. Hugs again, -L


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