Every shawl in the house is on… me.

Hello all, rare afternoon update… it’s another stinking cold day here. Young Master Duke just came in and made a world-record breaking potty break. My Beloved was Master of Ceremonies for this exercise. I’m curled up under every petticoat and shawl I own.

I seriously need to make more of these things. First layer, a flannel shift. It’s my normal dress. Next layer, flannel petticoats 1 and 2. Next layer 5 or 6 commercial shawls. My desk is next to really old windows, and the cold is creeping into my bones.

The irony? I dont’ hurt as much bundled up like a Siberian Nona. Maybe there is a point to their attire. We are still in the dangerously below zero temps. One of these months, when I no longer have to take baths in vats of lotion to keep my skin from cracking, I will stop whining.

You know better than that. I think I have another petticoat somewhere. I’m going to go throw that sucker on and another pair of socks.

Take care my friends, huge hugs.


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