But first, snacks!

Morning all, hope you are well. I’m one of the most spoiled humans on the planet.

Young Master Duke is making sure that the bed stays warm for me. My beloved Husbeast made coffee. I’ve got one tablet running an idle game, and another running an app while my phone plays music to me.

Ergo, I am spoiled. I sat down to write this week’s posts, and my stomach growled. I was able to wander into the kitchen, grab a candy coffee and some munchies. This is the height of luxury. I can lay in bed and read books. I can knit, or sew, and have machinery take care of heating, light and water for the home. Heck, I don’t have to wander to a frozen outhouse to do the needful.

Ergo, I am the most spoiled human on the planet. Take care my friends, I hope you are spoiled as well. Snuggle hugs. -L