Keep me away from Pinterest!

Morning all, hope you are well. My beloved is sound asleep, and Young Master Duke is currently hoping that it is magically summer again outside. So am I.

I jjust lost another hour of my life. I will never get that hour back, and I’m not sure what the hell happened. Here I was innocently sipping my tea. (A lovely orange and bergamot blend.) And the next thing I knew, it was an hour later. I have not one clue what happened.

Here’s the evidence. I have a recipe card in front of me with plans for a PVC pipe diy loom drawn on it. I had Pinterest in front of me, and somehow a couple of new boards had been made on my account.

I swear, I have no clue…. there were PVC niddy-noddies, spinning wheel accessories and many many more… I have visions of PVC in my head right now, and definitely not sugar plums.

I mean seriously! I may have also seen some wicked mods for my spinning wheel, and plans for a frame for my embroidery/cross stitch take over of the universe. Sighs.

I even landed on Etsy for a few, but I am eternally grateful for being broke af right now. Etsy is a swear word to my wallet. At least I am grateful this time that I didn’t end up on the Bullet Journal spread boards. Holy Crap, I’d still be under that spell of that app.

No, I’m not going to delete it. I’m just… ooh a cool cross stitch tutorial! Gotta go.

Hugs my friends. Take care, -L