Young Master Duke blames the cat.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is now firmly in my bed, and is gnawing on a bone.

I’m settled in with a cuppa. This morning it is peppermint tea. I’ve already had my caffeinated beverage of choice. On my way to make the cuppa, I let Young Master Duke outside. It’s been dismal weather lately, and he needed to ‘make yellow snow’.

I put some water in the microwave to boil quick and grabbed an orange from the fridge. I heard some whining, and went to check on Duke. Poor baby, he was wet and whinging. So, I brought him in. I swore I heard him cussing.

Now the last time I heard him cuss like this, we lived next door to Crybaby, Shiela and the Mer. There were other cats involved as well, but these were my favorite. Crybaby would challenge Duke”s sanity. He’d sit outside the tie out’s range, and bathe while Duke just bitched at him.

Such a sassy cat, and didn’t bat an eye at torturing Duke. So, once I grabbed my cuppa, I sent a quick message to Crybaby’s Momma, letting her know that Duke still resents him. We chuckled.

Have a good day my friends, and if you think critters don’t get resentments, you haven’t met Crybaby. Take care, and don’t tick off a cat. Hugs, -L

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