My wallet

Good morning all, hope you are well. The boys are sound asleep, and I’m burning the midnight oil. It is the time of year again where I migrate into a new planner. Most of the time, I would rather have my teeth removed and gum it than do this, but for some reason..

Sighs. I still like the paper version of a planner. I like being able to see at a glance without fighting an app, or trusting a dratted phone to keep track of my thinking process. I’ve had too many phones go the way of the dinosaur to deal.

Also, for some reason, some idiot (me) has a huge supply of notebooks, pens and the like, as well as an obsession for traveler’s notebooks.

A fully stocked traveler’s notebook should be classed as a lethal weapon I swear. The inserts alone, can weigh a pound. I don’t have that many, but you get the point. I also have inserts that are my wallet. There are coin keepers in there, as well as my stamps, and other misc.

Basically, my Traveler’s notebook knockoff is my wallet, phone book, brain dump, and everything I would need to survive if I didn’t have a dratted cell phone.

So, what’s in my wallet?

I have about 5 actual notebooks in there. One is lists. Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks get whacked in that baby. I also have room for goals. Another is my calendar. I buy a dollar tree cheap pocket calendar every year. It saves my bacon. I plan out those goals in there and track birthdays etc…

Another is the brain dump. When I am on the phone, I have to take quick notes. This also houses stitching project plans, grocery lists, and other ephemera. Lastly is the info. Crap that I don’t want to google every time I turn around.

Info notebook gets banking hours, library hours, meeting lists, phone book, billing dates. Contract due dates for phones and devices. My DR’s contact info, my diagnoses, and my medications list is in there.

There are slots for our debit cards, and I have slots for ID/insurance cards etc… These just make it easier. I’m carrying the mothership as my edc. I do have a small pouch for pens on the side for now.

Since I am a selfish bugger, I don’t pay 3 dollars per insert. In fact the most expensive one is the calendar I buy at dollar tree every year. Though this one is a 2 year one. Woot woot! I buy composition notebooks full sized at back to school clearance. I use a blade and cutting board and trim the crap out of them to fit my tn. 25 cents gives me planning glory to last a year.

Now, for certain trips, I do have to leave the TN at home. That trip is one of those where I go through steel doors, about once per month. In that case, I have the insurance card for my vehicle. I have my driver’s license. I pop those in the car in an accessible if pulled over spot. The rest can not go with me.

That said, I hope I have given you some ideas. Warning, if you are interested in getting into the traveler’s notebook life, stay the heck away from pinterest. This is your only warning my friends, persue that venue at your own risk.

Take care my friends, hugs huge ones. Please stay safe and comfortable. I’ve got to get my next camping excursion planned in my planner. -L