I am a kidnapper

Morning all, hope you are well. The weather here has been Extra Spicy lately. The boys are behaving themselves… I have not.

On Sunday, I got ahold of a good friend. She agreed that it was time to escape, so despite the forecast (foggy and yucky) we snuck south of the border and invaded Arnold’s Park Iowa.

Now, since I drove, technically I am the kidnapper… Adult napper? We had fun though, and found a dollar store to vanquish. But first, we hit the tobacconist. I found 3 new blends to try for me, and some stuff for the man I am married to.

I also decided that since the world hasn’t seen me being manic enough in quite some time, I’d try the newer Monster Zero. Chuckle, I’m sitting at the desk drinking it. Yes, I am a bit manic. For the drive though, I stuck with coffee and diet dr P.

At the dollar store, the handicap accessible spot was taken. So, I had to wait before I could go in. Wheelchairs and ice strewn parking lots just don’t mix well. And, since my wheelchair enters and exits the vehicle from the driver’s side… I had to wait. It happens. I had a couple of smokes, and enjoyed watching a video or two.

Once I got in, it was stocking stuffers for the Dukester. He needed more treats to satisfy, and I was happy to oblige. I also grabbed a pocket planner. That’s the main reason I went to the dollar tree. They have simple planners for cheap enough that it is worth it. Double points for having a 2 year planner. Meaning I don’t have to faff around next December. Works for me.

We had a good day though, and ended up at A&W rootbeer. I’m still belching a bit, but then again that could be the energy drink I had. Note: I Never buy energy drinks. However, I also knew if something happened on the road, I’d need to be seriously alert.

It worked. So, hope you have a lovely day. We’re in for some more schmutzy weather here I am sure. Stay safe and cozy. Huge huggage. -L


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