Would somebody please tell Elsa to cool her jets?

Morning all, we have been up most of the night. Young Master Duke has been playing out in the white stuff and is resting from the effort. My beloved and I are living on ice packs and tylenol.

The driveway…. A few inches of white stuff, and it took both of us to get the job done. Between Elsa and Jack Frost, I’m ready to head to the Bahamas or Australia… Sighs. Oh well, life gets teejious. Normally on a day like today I sneak over to the local c-store and grab some noms to get us through. I’ve just used my last spoon excavating the vehicle.

Maybe Tahiti would have room for us…

Chuckle, I’m settling down with a well-earned hot cocoa. My beloved is having a ham sammich. Life is good.

Take care my friends, stay safe and comfortable please. -L