The best we can do with what we have.

Morning all, hope you are well. The post I had written for this morning is setting nicely in the trash bin. It was not suitable for the website. The boys are snacking right now. Okay, my Husband is having a snackage. Young Master Duke is waiting impatiently for any crumbs.

Whoops, I just saw my Beloved sneak him a snacky snack.

T’was a pain day from the bowels of the demon world today. I spent a few hours in tears in bed. It’s part of the reason that the post I had written ended up in the bin. Sometimes, the best we can do is all that we can do.

I use a cane and a reacher grabber tool to deal with the world around me. I also use a wheelchair. There’s no secret to this, it’s ‘normal’ now a days. I have a few kits I put on the back of the wheelchair in molle bags in order to survive the world as I know it.

I drink an astronomical amount of tea, some of it is designed to reduce swelling and or aid with other problems. My beloved uses hemp oil to be able to do what he can do.

Today, I tried to adapt the kitchen a little more, and he rejected my solution as unstable and dangerous. Crap. I’m going to have to come up with something else. Which means, I have to tear apart one of the craft shelves I’m currently using.

I need a bookshelf in the kitchen for dishes. I can’t put things in the cupboards anymore. Standing up to reach a mug or a glass is unbelievably evil. Reaching up to do the same task, impossible. So, I’m going to ask a friend over sometime in the next week or so to get the job done. I’m hoping that they and their 6 ft tall son can get the change taken care of. I’ll be emptying both wooden books shelves.

They need to be moved into the kitchen/dining area back to back. One side will be for dishes and pans. The other will be for those things we need on our way out the door. Keys, bags and etc..

Even six months ago, I could have been able to do it without help. However, life is what it is.

Meanwhile, I’m okay. My beloved is. Young Master Duke has had some snackage, and we are safe and warm.

Life is okay. Take care, my friends. -L


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