Pain day but for a good reason

Good Morning. Hope you are well. The fellas who I am responsible for are doing their things. I’m about ready to crawl back into bed.

However, this morning, I am proud of the work I did yesterday. Yesterday hurt bad. I finally managed about 7 hours of sleep in total. It was pretty broken up though. The good news, is that after one of those naps I did a thing.

My Beloved was hurting too, and asked me if I could make us a pizza. I don’t always keep frozen pizza in the house, yet we still had the one I picked up in late November. I cut up some pepper, onion, mushrooms and added a little of each to the pie. I added a wee bit of cheese to protect the mushrooms and whacked it in the oven.

When I add to a pre-packaged product, I watch the cooking times. In the case of pizza, I make it at the recommended cooking time/temp. Then once the recommended time passes, I shut the oven off and let it cook maybe 10-15 minutes longer. This gives the extra ingredients time to cook through and me time to prep a salad.

After we ate, I realized that I better get the kitchen cleaned up. I got it done! My beloved did help a bit. He took the laundry out of the washer and dried it while I set things up.

We both took many breaks, and while we ate at 7pm, by 2 am the work was done!! The dishes were in the cupboards, and the clothes were folded and put away. I even took a quick washup myself.

Why do I crow about this? On a normal pain day, I can’t do a damned thing. Yesterday was a normal pain day. However, thanks to just taking lots of breaks, I was able to do that little bit of work. Note: My beloved only helped with the washer to dryer swap on the laundry.

This morning, I woke up to a clean kitchen. That felt good. I’m asking Santa to give me a dish drying rack this year, one that works better than what I am using right now. Think he would spring for a pink or purple one?

On that note, hugs and huggage my friends. Take care please. May your marshmallows be squishy and soft for your cocoa. -L


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