Don’t lick the lightpole or eat the yellow snow.

Morning all, Young Master Duke is having his breakfast. My Beloved is grumbling and growling. I’m reasonably well. Hope you are the same.

I just returned from picking up this morning’s grocery order. 2 jugs milk, 2 cartons of cottage cheese, 2 lbs mushrooms, a little lettuce, and a few thingamies in a pear tree. Oh, and the Radishes. Must have those delicious radishes.

Hey, I’m not totally unredeamable, I hate brussels sprouts. I have standards, you know.

I was reminded when I let Duke in, about the whole yellow snow thing. When I was a kid in the 1970’s and 80’s there was a huge thing about yellow snow. The punchline is that in a farming community, most guys didn’t run for the house to take a leak. Don’t ever, ever eat the yellow snow.

As far as the flag pole, in freezing weather, metal flag poles and tongues do not mix. Someone every year or two would have to be helped by a teacher for being dared to do it. Chuckle.

Kids back then were on a survival of the fittest. Between the slide… (One of my class mates broke an arm falling off it onto the asphalt below.) and the monkey bars… Also on asphalt. Murder ball, and other hijinx… It is amazing we lived as long as we have.

Snow ball fights would be augmented with ice cores or hard mud cores. We would be sent outside and told not to come in no matter what until sundown in January. Etc.. etc… we could have froze to death.

Yet, I’m still here. So, stay away from the yellow snow, don’t lick the flagpole, and duck during murderball. Have a great day. Hugs and Huggage, -L

P.S. For rules of murderball, I found an article. Click here.