Settling in with some carols and a cuppa

Morning all, George Straight is crooning in my ears singing “We three kings.” Young Master Duke is in bed resting. My beloved is grumbling in the dining room.

I’ve been re-using some things I bought for camping to get the kitchen up to date. I have 3 drawer sterilite organizers. Actually, I have 3 of the devices. One is for tea and coffee now. Another is for Young Master Duke’s treats. The 3rd is for embroidery and cross stitch. I was using them to organize camping gear, but in this case, the kitchen needs to be taken care of first. I use the kitchen much more often than I camp.

Next to do is to get a dishwashing station set up. Don’t I have a sink? Yes, I do. With rotator cuff issues, from the wheelchair, reaching doesn’t work well. So, I’m going to get a camping sink thingamie. This way, I can wash/dry and put away from the chair.

The dishwasher can’t be used because it causes the plumbing to leak under the sink. So, Camping gear for the win.

Meanwhile, life is still good. My beloved is doing good. Young Master Duke is spoiled beyond belief. We are okay.

Hugs my friends. Take care. -L