Christmas Sorted

Morning all, I just told Young Master Duke to “Scurry Scoo, go play.” This is Duke speak for ‘baby, I gotta get some work done.’

Poor pupper doodle unit. He really is an angel. If I had a fancy chair with a seat next to me that he could sit on and snuggle with me, that would be a thing. But, I have never seen a loveseat wheelchair.

My Husband just went to bed. Schucks, now I am completely unsupervised. Sighs. What mayhem can I do?

Snort. Let’s talk about the main topic. Holidays. Christmas Shopping is done, and other than getting shipping notifications over the next few days, I’m done with Christmas 2022.

My daughters are in Iowa and Minnesota. I figure UPS or whichever can find them exceptionally well. I got them and their better halves taken care of. One set is getting cast iron, the traditional wedding gift in my family. The other also is getting cast iron, because my son in law loves to cook. His bride is getting a stitch marker situation sorting thingamie.

One good friend is getting a surpise gift as well. She is the one that infected me with a certain hobby involving aida cloth. I’m not nice, and got some mini-revenge. She has a hard time seeing things up close without magnifyers. I got her a duplicate headlamp magnifyer to the one I have. I am evil, yes, I know.

Other than that, Young Master Duke is getting a sweater for when the weather is truly evil. I have some knitting, crochet, and other stitchery to finish for the rest of the Holiday season.

For example. My Beloved’s Birthday is in February. I need to get his Birthday project done while he sleeps. One daughter’s Birthday is in March. The other’s is in October. Our sons in law have Birthdays to plan for as well.

However, before I do all of that. I have to set up the table and wash the dishes. It’s getting a little wonky in here. I also have more decorations to do, and once my Husband gets back up from his nap, all bets are off. Sighs.

Take care my friends. Huge Squishy Hugs and Huggage. -L


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