Ear plugs save lives

Morning all, I apologize in advance, but I have a severe case of the WTF’s this morning. I need to take my pain meds, and finish the first cuppa the day.

My Beloved is an awesome person. However, he talks to himself, constantly. I am wearing ear plugs, because my headset is on the charger. I also have several more boxes of ear plugs in the cart for my next shopping excursion. We are doing a FFS morning here.

Young Master Duke has been out, and is back in. The snow is on the ground from overnight. I think I will bundle up after my shower, and take him out to sit and watch.

He is a goodest boy, of course, and wants to go out and play.

As a former Secretary for a non-profit, I was wakened this morning to a bunch of texts from the crew. A snafu happened. The current secretary was covering her arse over something. They had dropped the ball, the whole organization had. I was entertained, to a point.

To cut them some slack, on the personal request of the organizer of an event, I had already done the work. So, I mentioned this, and then the serious CYA started. I don’t care whether or not this person is doing their job. I care that addicts in recovery get the help they need. I gave the secretary the info when I stepped down.

So, I again, forwarded the secretary the information, and yes, the instructions on how to do it. Here’s the kicker, they know they can ask for help. They did not. The ball is in their court.

Meanwhile, life is good. I’m just a bit salty this morning. I will continue to wear the earplugs until after my Husband goes to bed. Take care my friends. -L