How cold is too cold?

Morning all, hope you are well. We are behaving, within reasonable limits. As I am completely convinced that people of my direct ancestry can not in good conscience behave much at all, this is the best that anyone can hope for.

Young Master Duke is outside barking his fool head off. Of course, normally I write singing the song of his people, but in this case it is the former. He needs to poop. He really needs to poop. So, he gets to be outside for a few. Please do not worry, he has a full coat on, and it is almost 30 degrees out there.

My Beloved is in the kitchen behind me. I think he is aiming for either a sandwich or some toast. He certainly is making more noise than my keyboard. Snort. Heck, at least he is grabbing something.

I’ve already cleaned the bathroom this morning. I have to do some laundry yet, and since the washer and dryer are in the bathroom, double win. I can swap loads the next time I recycle coffee.

By the way, sandwich for the win.

It’s a lovely day today, and after the chores are done, I’m planning to sneak out there and misbehave. I’m going to drag the tote with some of the camping gear out with me. I can make coffee, relax, and watch the squirrels and rabbits.

Duke will be with me. And to answer the question in the title. Too cold is when my body locks up. So, I plan to be out as long as I can today. Working on some skills, and relaxing. Also, since we have an abundance of twigs and other mayhem, my tiny little stove will be just fine boiling a little water.

The day looks promising. Take care my friends. Hugs from the wheelchair. -L