A night in the office

Morning all, couldn’t sleep, so I have been up since shortly after 2. Duke has liquidated anything he needs to outside. My Beloved is now in the dining room. I’m settled into the big desk for awhile.

I can’t believe how much I missed this thing. Yes, it is cluttered. Yes, I need to clean in here, yada yada yada.

I wish I could use this thing full time, but… My Beloved needs his sleep too. I’m just going to have to keep adapting to the switch back and forth between the mini and the main.

I sat at the mini until my Husbnd woke up. However, I knew by his stance, and how he wandered into the necessary that he was a grumpy bugger this morning. It just makes more sense to settle in in here for awhile.

This time away is so important. In fact, yesterday, I snuck out for a bit again. I helped a friend move some plants. IE, I was the driver. She and another friend were the lumpers. My van has become a place for her to temporarily store things as needed.

The good news, I can now get out and about a bit more. There is room for the wheelchair in the van again. Which means that when my Beloved is being a bit surly, I can sneak away, get some coffee and escape for several hours.

THAT is a blessing.

Take care my friends. Huge hugs. Hope your Holiday season is going well. -L


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