Magnets have been taking over…

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is having his morning treato. My Beloved and I have had the first fight of the day, and life is good.

I’m hiding behind the fridge again. Our kitchen is set up that just before the basement door on the right side is just enough room for the mini dungeon. Directly right of the mini dungeon is the fridge. From my Beloved’s table, he can’t see me. He can hear the keyboard though. Snort.

Since the fridge is handy, I dug out some of my magnets. Holy crap, game changer. My cell phone case is already magnetic. I just stick it to the wall of the filing cabinet the fridge, the washer… whatever is handy.

I’ve added my altoid tins in use to the set. The magnets stay on the fridge, and I can grab and go with the tin. Also my needle tray for stitching is up, my stitch markers, and my thimble marker. Lastly just for now, is my knives.

Since women’s clothing has no pockets. I’ve got my pocket knives stuck to the side of the fridge. That way, I’m not reaching for my purse every five minutes when I need to open a box or a package. One does not open packages with good kitchen knives.

My kitchen knives are not good, but that’s a problem for a day when I have time and a knife sharpener to hand.

I wonder, does my multi-tool stick? It does, but it’s too heavy. Damn.

So, today, magnets for the win. I should probably throw a couple on the next Bezos order. The boy needs to go back to space I am sure.

Have a good one my friends, snuggle hugs. I’m going to be hiding behind the fridge for the rest of the day. -L