Thank God

Morning, the kettle is on the boil. Hope you and yours are well.

I just got a sentence or two via instant message from someone I have been praying for. I need a moment to pray and Thank God. It’s been a rough week. BRB.

To say that this one scared the tar out of some folks, would be minimalizing it. They were very sick, and those short words lets me know that just for now, they are alive. That’s a blessing and a half. Thank You God.

Not everything that happens in the world is blog-worthy, you know. I can’t express here what happened. However I can say, without reservation, that having this person on the planet makes the world a special place.

I’m about to tear up. I better go blow my nose, grab some tea, and pray a little. Take care my friends, take care.


Just keep trying

Morning all, hope your season is comfortable. Hugs.

Last night I set up the folding table again, and washed more dishes. I know, washing dishes isn’t something to crow about. Yet, for me, this is huge. To be able to handle something that is simple for others gives me peace and serenity.

My husband pulled a stupid last night. Even though I told him I had washed the dishes drying in the dishwasher, he ran it. FFS. I didn’t say a word. Nothing I can do about it.

Why the kerfuffle about washing dishes? Our sink leaks dramatically when the machine is hooked up to it.

I’m going to curl up with a cuppa tea, wash some dishes, and stop putting clean dishes in the washer anymore.

I guess you can’t fix other’s minds. Take care. -L