Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is chewing on a bone. My beloved is watching a show on his tablet. I’ve got my favorite Youtuber on the cell phone, listening to his latest adventure.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a decline in my memory. Every year it does get a little worse. I’ll be writing, and have to stop and google a word. Or, I will be in a conversation and lose track of what I’m thinking.

It sucks. I know what’s coming with this. I brought it up to my Dr, and she suggested a therapist. A freaking therapist. FFS. A FREAKING THERAPIST DOES NOTHING FOR MEMORY LOSS.

Sighs. I suppose I better just let it go, swallow the frog, and move on. I mention this now, because I was talking to somebody last night, and kept slipping my clutch. The gears in my brain kept grinding. It happens.

That said, please treasure each moment. Hugs. -L


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