A stew, and a day

Morning all, My beloved is watching a show. Young Master Duke is sleeping off a feast. I am listening to the Warts and All podcast by Suzie Edge.

She has a book out on the deaths of the British Monarchs. Good book, do not read whilst eating anything. Trust me on that.

My beloved mentioned yesterday that he wanted to make a stew. He went to bed, and I got to work. I washed the cutting board, and whatever dishes there were to be had. Afterwards, I cut up some celery, carrots and spuds.

We like a pork loin that comes pre-seasoned and marinated. I make sure to get a couple of them a month as our roast meal. However, my beloved wanted to try it as a stew meat. Holy smokes, it was GOOD.

I didn’t sleep well last night, but got in 9 hours worth. I used the chamber pot rather than run to the bathroom a few times over the night. I was in way too much pain to head across the house.

Of course, this is familiar, and normal. I’m a pain patient. Chronic Pain is life and while I do get a short reprieve, sometimes that reprieve is abysmal. However, life still goes on.

Meanwhile, I’ve been wearing my warm flannel petticoats. It’s cold enough that when I let Young Master Duke outside, I get a blast of icy air. The petticoats, under my favorite flannel dress really help.

Speaking of flannel. It’s time to start sewing a couple more petticoats and flannel dresses. Lord knows that it is beyond cold enough to wear them full time. I might have to add a couple of bolts of fabric to the shopping list again.

That’s about all. The stew was phenomenal. I hope you have a lovely day. Stay comfortable, and snuggle hugs and huggage all. -L