Change is good. I’ll take silver dollars please.

Just kidding. Good morning all. Young Master Duke is keeping an eye on me. I’ve been busy doing chores. My Beloved is asleep. Happy US Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Happy Friendsgiving. Happy Thursday etc…

I swapped out the tables I use in the mini dungeon. I also set up and did the dishes. I hand wash dishes, as even with setting up the folding table and using wash tubs, it is easier than using the dishwasher. Also, it keeps my hands clean.

Meanwhile, I’m behind on my projects. I swapped tables because my Husband wanted the one for something. The one I have is possibly better suited, I’m not entirely sure. It is on wheels though, so that’s something.

I was really upset, though. When he asked me to do this. I don’t like tearing things down on the fly and swapping stuff out like this unless of course, it is my idea. Chuckle. I swallowed my pride, and did the work.

I left out the snarky comments, and didn’t start a fight like I wanted to. Fighting my character defects sucks. Yes, I’m supposed to be a good kid. Yes, I’m supposed to turn the character defects over. There are days when I do pretty okay on that.

Then there are days like today. Today I want to scream and rage. It’s not becoming a knitter. I know. I don’t want to be a psychopathic bitch. I want to be kind, and to be nice. It doesn’t matter how long I have been sober or clean, I still have character defects.

This means, I still have work to do. The irony, getting rid of character defects isn’t as easy as waving a wand over my head. It’s not as easy as getting dunked in a giant bathtub in front of a congregation. It’s not as easy as fessing my sins in front of a priest.

It means that every time my brain wants to be sick int he head, I need to change my character for the better. Even after all these years sober, I still have to work on this. The problem is still me.

So, I need to get back to work. Young Master Duke wants to go out I am certain. I have more work to do anyways.

Gentle hugs my friends. Be good. -L


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