Those monks need to answer for this

Morning all, we are well enough today.

Recently, I was gifted some Hills Bros. Cappuccino mix sugar free. As I am possibly the only diabetic the gifter knew when she picked up the wrong kind, she thought of me immediately.

This sheet is not good sheet. It’s bad… I’m not sure what the Cappuccine monks were intending when this drink was thunk up. However, the Hills Brothers version? Disgusting.

I have to monkey with it to make it work. I halve the amount of powder they suggest, bulk it up with some hot cocoa mix, and then once prepped with the hot water, top it off with milk.

It’s still gross, but drinkable, almost. This coming from a woman who drinks instant coffee on the regular is a hoot. Gah. Bad things should not happen to good coffee, and I’m not sure that this was good coffee to start with.

Okay, the whinging is over for the moment.

On the stitchery front. I’ve decided that embroidery and cross stitch are coloring with thread, but cooler. Back when I was in therapy. The whole, teaching me how to color again was not a hit. I do Not enjoy being treated like I am 5.

That said, this, I can get behind. It’s slower, it is calming. Yes, it costs more, but it also is comforting. I can color for hours this way. Life is good.

Hugs my friends, take care. Please be kind to your tastebuds today. To my US readers, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Gentle hugs -L