Our Love language

Morning all, Young Master Duke and my Beloved are behaving this morning. Of course, I am not.

Actually, he is being my emotional support pupper this morning. He’s also keeping the right wheel of my wheelchair warmer than normal.

Last night, I set up the folding table, and washed dishes by hand. Our sink leaks, so I use two wash tubs and move the drying rack to the table. I can sit and watch videos while I clean. Then I wiped down what I could reach in the kitchen.

My Beloved, once I went to bed organized the trash to go to the bins. Where the mini-dungeon is now is where the recycling and the garbage used to go in our kitchen. I set up a staging area in the garage for the recycling and the garbage. He took care of the sorting and bagging for me.

In a few short hours, most of it will make it to the bins, and one of those bins will make it to the curb. I’m going to have to do this before about 4 pm, as the sun runs away around that time.

When I let Duke out this morning, there was another dusting of the white sheet out there. Sighs. Such is life. Soon enough there will be a total bomb blast of white everywhere you look. The shrapnel will cover every molecule, and it will be bright out from the reflection of the street lights.

Meanwhile, Duke and I had our morning snuggle cuddle. With grunts and gurps, we spoke to each other, commiserating over the state of the world as we know it. Before too long, I’m going to crawl into bed and get a good mid-morning nappage with him.

Okay, a snuggle nap, but who’s counting? My Beloved has a different conversation with him. With lots of oogatah boogatah mish mash verbiage. I do the grunts, he does the oogatahs. Between us, we love this silly old dog. I’d like to think he loves us too.

Hugs, gentle squishy ones my friends. -L