Priming the pump

Morning all, hope all is lovely in your world. We had a few flakes of snow last night. I’m afraid this is just the priming of the pump for the world to dump a pile of the sheet in our laps.

For a change, this morning my beloved is at the dining room table. This morning, Young Master Duke the Magnificent Snuggle Monster is in bed, sprawled out and adorgable. He has it ruff.

I’ve been listening to Adam Savage again. Why, oh why does this man have to make sense? I swear, he’s out to change the world for the better. Just kidding. The man has me cleaning my maker space before I leave it for the night. It’s a kindness to my future self.

Sighs. Behaving is hard to do.

I got a giggle out of the situation this morning though. My beloved monkeyed with my space again. I know he goes through things he doesn’t understand. I don’t mind much, I just get a giggle when I see that he has moved something.

He’s nosy. He’s also a night owl. I prefer to sleep. I choose to be amused by the situation. It’s a healthier reaction than screaming at him. It’s much healthier. His anxiety can’t take it when I beller like a cow needing milked.

Before the man heads off to bed, I need to grab a few things and get them moved into the kitchen. I want to get some sewing done today, and I know that the minute the man crawls into bed… No sewing will get done. I’m thinking of moving a storage thing out of the kitchen area.

What? Welp, there’s an old dishwasher that has been junked out. We use it to store pots and pans. I’m thinking of moving it to the garage and getting the sewing machinery or some shelves put in its place. Probably shelving would work much better.

The problem, the last time he went on a bender… We had those same shelves in the kitchen dining area. He topped them over all over the floor. His thinker, when he is drunk off his tail is definitely broke. Of course, I’m no better. Back when I was drinking… it was a sheet show.

So, lets talk about positive thingamies. I could put the shelving in a corner of the dining area. I could even put the pots and pans there. I will need help to do it.

More positive thingamies. Our family is growing. No, at 50 I am not preggers. I’m gaining a lovely Young Son In Law person. Our daughter L is getting married to a sweet feller named D this winter. He’s going to ask my Beloved’s permission to marry her possibly today.

I’ve invited them down to visit to get to know us. He makes her happy. That’s the important part. He makes her happy.

That said, life is pretty good. Take care my friends. -L