Morning all, Hoping your day and lives are well. My Beloved is sound asleep. I have a hot cuppa steeping, and Young Master Duke is sitting at my side staring at me.

He wants treatos. He also wants to go outside, and have it be above 25 degrees F. It’s okay, it will be again, in March or May. I’m getting ready to jump in the shower. I have another errand to run today. But first, I have some chores to do.

Here is where I am going. I’m heading to scooter’s coffee and getting something noms. That’s my treato for being a good kid. I then am heading to the jail complex, and speaking at the aftercare for treatment. When I don’t have a funk, I go and do this every month.

So, to get ready…. I’m listening to Adam Savage’s book, Every tool is a hammer. Sadly, this man makes sense. It’s just scary. So, rather than accomplishing great things, I’m feeding my brain. There are times I feel convicted by his words.

One second, my tea is done steeping, it is time for the milk.

Ah, the world is a kinder place. Earl Grey, hot, with a couple of sweeteners, and a little milk. I can feel every bone and joint just ease into place. The place in my soul that empties first is starting to refill, one sip at a time.

Back to the chores list. Make some smokes. I home roll my tobacco products. Much cheaper. I also need to clean up the mini dungeon. Come to think of it, I started calling it a dungeon or mini dungeon around the time I first saw Adam Savage’s cave on Youtube.

The mini dungeon, my space in the kitchen allows me to continue to work on a project, write or anything else while my beloved is asleep. I’m no longer yeeting myself to the garage at a moment’s notice. I have light, space, and access to the coffee or tea.

Duke benefits as well. He can get outside much more often, and enjoy the day amongst the squirrels.

Now for the dammit. I have to fight harder to keep the area clean. I have much less room, and first order accessibility is the rule rather than the exception. The things I use the most, and the most often have to be available. It’s not fair if I have to run to the office or big dungeon unnecessarily, potentially waking my husband.

I suppose. I best get busy. I have an alarm about to go off, and I need to get my tail in gear.

Hugs and huggage. -L


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