The tea problem

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside for the 2nd time this morning. He’s had his Secret Voupies, and is observing the Squirrel population and the walnut tree. My beloved is in bed, and he ran the dryer this morning.

Holy crap, that’s huge.

I have a cuppa bengal spice (2nd time on this tea bag) and Earl Grey tea. Oh my goodness, it is delicious. Yesterday, I did a grocery order, and they had a sale on Celestial Seasonings tea. My favorite, all time is Apple Spice tea. However, there are so many other kinds available.

Once I got the tea home, I had to upgrade the packaging for storage. Celestial Seasonings comes in waxed paper lining inside the box. This is not air tight, and the tea loses it’s flavor exposed to air. So, I take the wax paper bag out of the box, and the box lid. I put them together with the tea in a quart ziplock bag. This protects the tea, and keeps it fresh longer.

Having a variety available is something I have done whether it is tea or coffee for years and years. I used to buy coffee beans by the bag. I have a canister for it, and would mix the coffees according to season. For example, in winter, cookie flavors are available. I’d buy a cookie flavored coffee, a hazelnut, and a Christmas variety. I’d put them in the canister and mix them.

When I ground the coffee, I’d have a unique blend of coffee that was available only by chance. As time goes on, I’d add different coffees, and mix them in. This was pre-covid, that I did this. Now, buying coffee beans by the bag has become quite difficult in my community, so I have tea.

Now, for the tea, I use each bag twice. I have a caffeinated version in the morning, and later in the day switch to a spice blend. After the 2nd dunk, the tea bag if I had a garden would go into compost. It doesn’t look like next year I will be gardening, so it goes to the garbage. I’m sorry.

Meanwhile, the tea collection is going strong for winter 2022-2023. It’s delicious, and my husband didn’t complain about it. Cool beans.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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